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Brody D, Di Maio R, Crawford P, Navarro C, and Anderson J. The impedance cardiogram amplitude as an indicator of cardiopulmonary resuscitation efficacy in a porcine model of cardiac arrest. Journal of the American College of Cardiology; 5 April 2011; 57(14), Supplement 1:E1134.

Di Maio R; Howe A, McCanny P, Navarro C, Crispino-O’Connell G, McEneaney D, Adgey AAJ. Is the Impedance Cardiogram a potential indicator of effective external cardiac massage in a human model? A study to establish if there is a linear correlation between the Impedance Cardiogram and depth in a cardiac arrest setting. Resuscitation 2012; Volume 83, October 15, 2012

Di Maio R, Howe A, Crawford P, Brody D, Navarro C, McEneaney D, Clutton E, Anderson J. Measurement of depth, thrust and thoracic impedance during mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Is the thoracic impedance a potential indicator of effective external cardiac massage in a porcine model of cardiac arrest? Circulation2011; 124: A196.

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Feedback sulla Frequenza dell’RCP

O’Hare P, Di Maio R, Torney H, McIntyre C, McCanny P, Adgey AAJ. Does the Real-Time Audio Feedback from an Automated External Defibrillator Enhance Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality during Emergency Resuscitation? Accepted for presentation at 2013 AHA Scientific Sessions, Dallas, USA.

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HeartSine SCOPE™

Simon J. Walsh, MB, BCh, Anthony J.J. McClelland, MB, BChir, Colum G. Owens, MB, BCh, James Allen, PhD, John McC. Anderson, DPhil, Colin Turner, PhD, and A.A. Jennifer Adgey, MD. Efficacy of Distinct Energy Delivery Protocols Comparing Two Biphasic Defibrillators for Cardiac Arrest

Di Maio R, Allen JD, Navarro C, Darragh K, Anderson JMC, Adgey AAJ. Changes in the frequency spectrum, the P wave interval and the Bi-spectral Index during VF are physiological indicators of VF quality/duration. Journal of Electrocardiology. 2009


O’Hare P, McCanny P, Crispino-O’Connell G,Torney H, McIntyre A, McIntyre C, Di Maio R. Usability Study to Assess the Ability of Randomly Selected Untrained Target Users to Operate Public Access Defibrillators in the United States. Presented at 2013 International Congress on Electrocardiology (ICE), Glasgow, UK.

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Darragh KM, Doyle C, Walsh SJ, Allen JD, Adgey AAJ, Anderson J, Manoharan G; A novel low-tilt biphasic waveform is efficacious with significantly lower voltage and current than a standard waveform in the defibrillation of VF; Abstracts / Journal of Electrocardiology 40 (2007) S30–S36

Darragh KM, Manoharan G, Di Maio R, Stevenson M, Bennett J, Walsh S, Allen JD, Anderson J, Adgey JAA. A low tilt waveform in the transthoracic defibrillation of ventricular arrhythmias during cardiac arrest. Resuscitation. 2012; 83: 1438-1443

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